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Just like personal injury cases, it is important to go to the right injury doctor and even more important to avoid the wrong doctors. Before we go on, we need to make sure you understand the goal of a medical appointment. The first goal for the patient is to work with a doctor that will write a report to their favor. Then finds the greatest amount of permanent disability attributed based on your industrial injuries. And again, finds the greatest future medical care for you.

A qualified medical examiner is a neutral doctor who will meet and evaluate patients, review all medical records and ultimately make a determination if the patient has sustained industrial injuries for a Workers’ compensation case. The physician will also determine of any permanent injuries that may have been caused from the injuries, and what your needs are for future medical care.

First Doctor Appointment

Build credibility and likability with doctor

Be honest with doctor

This is one way the doctors generally determines patient credibility. Be completely honest with the doctor. Tell them about all prior injuries in the same body parts or the body parts that you’re asserting are industrial injured. Very important to not think that if doctors don’t know about it will help your case. It’s the opposite. Not disclosing prior injuries can lose your worker’s compensation case and can potentially be prosecuted for fraud.

How do the injuries affect the activities of daily living?

These are the things you do everyday. Cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, running errands, standing, sitting, driving and the stuff you do everyday. It’s very important when doctor asks you about your pain level. Don’t minimize your complaints, and not try to be a tough guy or girl. It is not the time to be tough. This is the way the physician calculates your disability.

Avoid giving a high Pain scale

Don’t give too high rating of a pain scale. The doctor may ask what degree of pain you have on a scale of one to ten. Stay on the lower end of the pain scale so it doesn’t look like you’re exaggerating.

Don’t say you can’t do something when you can.

As a general rule, be careful when to say what body parts you can or can’t use. Life goes on and we have to learn to live with pain, but by saying that you can lift an object, can just hurt your credibility.

Worker’s Comp Pain Conditions

The few key words neck, mid or low back,
cervical or lumbar spine:

  • Muscle Spasm
  • Painful loss of motion
  • Numbness
  • Tingling traveling one or more of the leg or arms
  • Impairment of arms or legs
  • Loss of muscle strength
  • Loss of Motion
  • Loss of grip strength
  • Instability

Don’t rely on just memory when listing symptoms

All these are important factors and must be addressed to the physicians. Take a little journal and write down all the symptoms and discomfort. Don’t just rely on on memory. You will forget the important details. Be absolutely honest about your symptoms, tell doctor of all prior injuries, show up on time, avoid taking pain medications, and make sure to not minimize your complaints or exaggerate your complaints.

Patient Case Study

Pain relief treatment

Theo, one of our old patients, has worked for a manufacturing facility in Phoenix, Arizona for years with a stellar attendance record and performance reviews. However he recently experienced a work injury due to an equipment malfunction that caused him to fall and hurt his back.

He is now scared that he cannot work due to the pain and his family relies on his income. His friend referred him to Arizona Pain Relief Center, a medical practice specializing in achieving pain relief and increased function for patients injured at the job. With years of experience of treating and caring for inured workers, the practice is a truly a one stop shop for non-surgical workers compensation claims. The Pain Relief’s pain management program, provides both medication and intervention treatments. The vast majority of patients are able to avoid surgery and go to work.

Doctors testify in court if there is a dispute with the case

If in the course of your claim there is a dispute, the physician is willing to testify is court. Many patients have prevailed based on his testimony. With a caring, friendly and professional staff, Bonzai Regen Pain Relief handles all claims appropriately and timely. Documentation is thorough and treatment is comprehensive to bring you the best results. After just a few weeks of treatment at the practice with medications and a few procedures, Theo felt like a new man and was able to return to full duty.

Contact Arizona Pain Relief Center

Call us today (480) 745-7871 to schedule a Tele-Consult (Telemedicine) with our certified physician. They will be able to evaluate your conditions and take next appropriate steps for recovery. We have treated many different patients in workers comp cases throughout the years. Our pain specialists have many years of experience in helping to reduce, minimize, or eliminate pain in a natural and effective way

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