Nerve Block for pain

Variety of nerve block treatments available to diminish pain. These molecules are used to numb the nerve to ease the pain discomfort. Femoral/ Obturator Nerve Blocks Genicular Nerve Blocks Medial Branch Blocks Occipital nerve Blocks Peripheral Nerve and Ganclion Blocks are some examples.

What you need to know about Occipital Nerve Blocks

Occipital Nerve Explained What is an Occipital nerve block? An Occipital nerve block is an injection of numbing medicine next to the Occipital nerves. They are located in either side of the scalp originating at the Neck. There is both a Greater and Lesser Occipital Nerve. Either one can produce pain. Neither has a motor …

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Sports Medicine pain management

Full recovery from a sports related injury Sports Medicine Doctor Pain Physicians of sports medicine have been thought of as the care and pain management of specifically only athletes. Injuries have been on the rise, especially among young athletes in Football and Soccer to running. Sports medicine has evolved as the care of active individuals, …

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