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Pain Physicians of sports medicine have been thought of as the care and pain management of specifically only athletes. Injuries have been on the rise, especially among young athletes in Football and Soccer to running. Sports medicine has evolved as the care of active individuals, weekend warriors, runners, that include those that occasionally play soft ball and basketball. Sports Medicine Doctors are able to treat the specific injuries and needs of the patient from an active healthy lifestyle.

Common sports injuries

The most common sports injuries being treated by today’s sports medicine doctors are sprains or ligament sprains. Sports related injury varies with different athletes. Overuse injuries of the knees “Runner’s knees are common among avid runners. In contrast, a baseball pitchers may find more injuries of the shoulder or elbow such as the rotator cuff. It is dependent on the type of activity athletes do and the type of injury that occurs during that activity. There are different ways to treat and manage pain from these injuries. We try to limit Opioid usage as a last result of dealing with pain. There are other safe and less dependent pain cures available such Nerve Blocks.

How to prevent sports injuries?

The biggest preventive measure come from the athletes or patients. Warm up, start slow and build up from there. This way you can prevent injuries. Many injuries occur when the training load is increased quickly. This subsequently puts athletes at more risk for injury.

Do I need Surgery?

Surgery is a common question asked immediately after an injury. It is important to know that in the event of an injury, to follow some basic non-invasive techniques to speed up the healing process. Ninety percent of sports patients don’t need surgery.

Sports medicine prevent injury

What to do when injured while playing?

It is important to follow some basic steps when an injury occurs when playing sports. The steps are, to apply First cold to the injured area. Then apply heat to the same area after. Lastly, start to exercise to build movement and strength in the injured area. If the area turns purple or injury is severe, see a doctor immediately. An x-ray should be the first step from the doctor to properly diagnose. 

Sports medicine physician is a great place to start

As a result, a primary care sport medicine physician is a great person to start with. Typically patients can get in very quickly for the initial evaluation. Physicians can order any necessary imaging studies and even prescribe treatments since 90% of those injured don’t require surgery. If somebody does require surgery, a transition to one of the sergeants that work closely within orthopedic colleagues will take place, where they can get the appropriate care where they can get back to sports.

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