Top alternative treatments in the new decade

Treatment alternatives

Modern medicine

Modern medicine has provided alternatives to traditional treatments of medicine. Surgery, prescribed medications and physical therapy can be avoided with the help of regenerative medicine.

Avoid back surgery

Non-surgical treatments such as Regenerative medicine has provided solutions outside of traditional procedures such as surgery especially back surgery. Treatments such as injectable biologics such as Stem cell and PRP are safe therapeutic faculties that promote healing at the cellular level. Skip the costly, risky, and the time consuming recovery process through the natural alternatives of traditional medicine for osteoarthritis and injury.

Avoid pain medications

Avoid dependency of prescribed medication if possible. This method of suppressing pain is usually our last option on the table resort. The long term effects can be severe. Addiction is a common draw back of pain medication. Through the Regenerative practice of healing, Prescription medication is not always required.

Physical therapy

Although encouraged, Physical therapy by itself can take a long time without any Guarantee. Although we highly recommend this type of therapy during the recovery process, Physical Therapy in its own may not always be the solution.

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