Effective pain management treatments in Mesa, Az.

Pain management treatment options vary for each patient, as managing someone’s pain is dependent on their particular injury. Our services for patients include treating all spinal and joint problems for their personal injury case. Our years of experience and wide selection of non-invasive options make us an excellent choice for patients in the greater Miami area and surrounding areas. 

Some of the more commonly treated injuries involve the following:

  • Neuromuscular pain – causes muscle pain and nerve pain, can take place anywhere in the body
  • Low back pain – creates difficulty performing easy everyday functions, like going to the bathroom
  • Neck pain – causes the neck to be tense and stiff, making it difficult for one to move their head at all 

We welcome attorney workers’ compensation and personal injury clients.

Why attorneys choose us:

Responsive Communication

A Patient Care Coordinator will handle your case from the very beginning. You’ll get attentive responses and detailed records. We’ll work fast to make sure your case is expedited in a timely manner.

Direct Access

We’re an independent clinic so, you’ll work directly with the physician and a point-person from our clinic.  Avoid the headaches, red tape, and delays which can occur at larger medical institutions.

Collaborative, Expert Care from Physicians and Specialists

Your client will be treated by a variety of compassionate physicians and specialists all under-one-roof. Our medical team includes Doctors of Physical Therapy, Pain Management Physicians, Chiropractors, Therapeutic Massage Therapists, Exercise Rehab Specialists, Acupuncturists, and Personal Trainers. The expertise of our combined providers will diagnose, treat, rehabilitate, and educate your patient for a better outcome.


We offer locations in the greater Phoenix area. Your client can have treatment under one-roof, minimizing their running around and scheduling frustrations.

Variety of Treatment Plans

We can provide long and short-term treatment care. Our integrated process provides the patient with a  variety of treatment options for thorough results and better outcomes.

We’ll Manage the Third-Party Relationships

We manage Transportation companies, and other third-parties to make sure the patient’s experience is hassle-free. We manage the whole process so patient records are updated and accurate.

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