Biologic therapies that do wonders

Ortho biologics can do wonders

Non-Surgical Approach

Biologic Therapies are non-surgical procedures that help support body vitality and functions, deviate pain and enhance beauty. These natural healing solutions include Osteoarthritis treatments, chronic pain, inflammation, and the rejuvenation of skin and hair through our Cosmetic PRP Program.

Injected biologic substance

used to repair and restructure the part of the body at the cellular level. This has compelled physicians around the world to rely on stem cell technology in the management of pain, sports medicine care and cosmetic natural treatments.

Highly concentrated platelet injections

Degenerative conditions such as Osteoarthritis, requires an effective form of treatment to produce favorable outcomes. It is important that physicians use an ortho-biologic system that provides the greatest amount of regenerative cell concentrates per injection to treat that can treat damaged and worn out ligaments and tissues.

Safe therapeutic

These outpatient procedures are safe alternative solutions to traditional methods such as Surgery and Prescribed-medication.

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