Cervical/ Thoracic / Lumbar Epidural Injections

Cervical and Thoracic treatment

Signs of Cervical and Thoracic facets

Headaches are a clear sign of pain in the cervical facets which is near the upper part of neck. Facets are the small joints in the spine which are total of 44 total facets from the lower back up to the neck. These joints allow limited flexibility unlike some animals such as owls that are able to rotate their necks 360 degrees. They are important in restricting the motion of the cervical and lumbar spine, but also allow twisting, flexion, and extension motions.

Wear and tear

Wear and tear or injury are some of the most common reasons of significant pain that derails from daily routine tasks and exercise. Even the simple motion of sitting for an extended period of time can be dreadful.

Neck Rotation test

One way to test the existence of any wear tear in the neck, is to stand up as feet is placed stationary to the ground. Then turn the head and neck over the shoulder on both sides as far as each side can go. This should be done with the feet stationary. If there is stiffness, pain, and slower motion on either side, there may be a problem with the facet joints.

Facet Injections

Facet injections into aggravated joints can also help with the pain, however it usually comes back within 6 months. Sometimes, It can be challenging to identify the specific facet that needs treating with regenerative and biologic therapies. The doctor may use nerve blocks for numbing around the specific joint to diminish the pain. Bonzai Regen physicians have extensive experience in treating neck and spine pain. We offer Treatments that eliminate pain.

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