The Pain Management Program

Avoid Surgery and Pain Meds

Avoid Dependency

Bonzai Regen Pain Relief offers unique regenerative and pain management services unlike general practitioner physician. Physicians at Bonzai Regen pain management program perform injections of PRP or steroid medications, procedural intervention, and help provide solutions to avoid pain medication dependency and even surgery. The three pain categories that Bonzai doctors treat are visceral pain (pain with tissues), Somatic pain (body pain), neuropathic pain (Nerve pain or injury).

Control Pain and regain identity

Early on, a young mother of two went through the entire gambit of medicine not getting the results she needed. She had undergone a back surgery that didn’t have the most positive outcome. She came to us wondering what we can do for her pain. We implanted her with spinal-chord stimulator. It controlled her pain and helped her regain her identity. We rarely start with spinal-chord stimulation. We start with conservative treatments first then move to more advanced procedures. Patients feel they get the care and treatments they need a a tailored environment.

Available treatments combined solutions include:

Pain Management Doctors

Bonzai Regen’s medical physicians and staff are committed to helping patients that want to do more with life but are unable to do so because of the burden of physical body pain.

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