Out of Network Insurance Accepted

Health Insurance coverage

PPO network

Bonzai Regen accepts plans from out of network insurance for reimbursement of medical services. Not all plans have out of network coverage. Plans that do not cover out of network are HMO and EP and will not be reimbursed. Plans that will likely have some kind of out of network coverage are PPO and POS plans but always be sure with your specific plan first. Out of network benefits are usually separate from in network coverage.

Medical insurance Reimbursement

Reimbursement payouts is based on and Allowed Amount. An Allowed amount is the value of the service given by the payer based on what they deemed is appropriate to charge. That means that for that client’s coverage for say 50% of the allowed amount, not the amount of the actual service charged. For example, if a session is $100 and if the clients out of network coverage is 50%. the allowed amount is $80 therefore the payer will pay $40, not $50.

What to do next?

To learn more about about your treatment, visit our FAQ page. Call  (480)745-7871 to learn about the various Insurance covered treatments choices Bonzai Regen can offer depending on the type of out of network insurance plan. There are a few options for how out of network provider can navigate insurance. Call us direct to answer further questions on Bonzai Regen’s Insurance covered procedures.

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