Best Way to Recover from Runners Knee

Runners Knee

What is Runner’s Knee?

One of the most common conditions of knee pain is called Runner’s knee. An imbalance can be caused within the structure of the knee. Unpleasant feelings occur through added pressure when bending of the knee after a period of time. It can be painful to walk the stairs, do lunges, and kneeling. Some people even feel a sensation of an instability from the knee like it’ll give weight underneath.

Knee pain Relief

The key to knee pain relief is to strengthen the muscles around the knee. Also it is important to maintain a stretch program in particularly the hamstrings and the IT Band. Treatments and pain management options are available to eliminate or alleviate these problems. Pain management specialists are especially suited to help. Pain management physicians are trained to evaluate and develop a treatment plan specifically for each patient.

Other knee conditions

In addition to runners knee, other common knee pain conditions exist. Knee joints consists of bone, cartilage, ligaments and fluid. Muscles and tendons help the joint move. When any of these structures are damaged, pain or stiffness occurs. Other knee conditions include:

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