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If you have been injured and need to see a doctor, it is important to go to the right Personal injury Physician and even more important to avoid the wrong doctors. Do not rely solely on your primary care physician. Most people think they should call their primary care doctor after a car accident. Just like in Worker’s comp cases, it is critical to work with a PI physician that likes you and has your interest at heart. Accidental injuries are not their area of specialty or focus of Primary doctors. Their area of care is primarily on internal medical conditions rather than physical bodily injuries, concussions, broken bones or even sprains. They will most likely tell you to call a pain management specialist that has undergone the specific training and experience in the specific area of your medical needs. These type of physicians will have the treatments available that is necessary for recovering and healing.

Medical records for Personal Injury cases

The patient’s medical records will be one of the most important factors of determining the outcome of the claim. The insurance company will read the medical records and set a value of your claim based on what it is reported. The primary care doctor may include limited data since that is not the area of expertise. Critical information may be omitted since the electronic records may only include short descriptive sentences with little or no detail about all of the patient’s conditions.

Personal Injury doctor

The right Interventional Pain Management Physician

If you had a personal injury accident, it would be best to contact a medical specialist in a pain management program, chiropractor or an orthopedic surgeon. These types of doctors will most likely write a detailed history of what happened to you in a car accident, a detailed history of pre-existence injuries or medical conditions that you have that may have worsen by the crash.

Medical tests

A list of medical tests that they perform such as range of motion, reflexes, nerve compression test, and muscle spasm. They will write down if specialized MRI’s, X-ray’s or digital motion X-ray’s are ordered as well as a list of prescriptions to things like physical therapy or occupational therapy.

Cause of injuries

Key information such as cause of injuries and if the incident aggravated your pre-existing injuries. Personal Injury doctors will record what your future medical needs will be for the rest of your life as well as your impairment rating, what effect your injuries will have on your ability to work, enjoy life or perform daily activities. A specialist must document in writing all these important details for the insurance company to read and approve.

Doctor referrals from lawyers

In personal injury cases, patients should avoid doctor referrals from lawyers during a personal injury (PI) case. Some will think that pain management physicians that have been sent from lawyers write convincing reports that verifies the severity of the injury. Hence help building a solid report for the highest possible compensation return.

Insurance companies notice when patient is referred

Not all cases should work that way. It may be common for lawyers to build relations with the doctors for referral programs. Information usually gets passed on to the insurance company that creates far more problems. The insurance companies usually notice that the lawyer referred the patient to the doctor which can raise a red flag with the insurance company will submit a questionable insurance claim.

Find your own doctor

As a victim of personal injury, Finding your own doctors will most likely boost the compensation. Usually better care and return is the outcome for finding your own physician. The insurance will set a value of your claim based on the information.

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