How to treat Shoulder joint pain

Treatment for Shoulder pain

Common sports injury (shoulder)

Sports related shoulder injuries covers areas from simple overuse injuries such as tendonitis all the way up to dislocations, rotated cuff tears and even degenerative arthritis. People active in overhead sports such as Tennis, baseball, and swimming have higher incidences of shoulder injury and pain.

Activity modification

Initial treatment is activity modification such as some time off, ice or hot water application and anti-inflammatory consumption to improve shoulder pain.

Rotator Cuff tear

A rotator cuff is a network of small and large muscle that help move the the upper arm and stabilize the ball in the shoulder in the socket. Because of the demand and complexity of the joint, tears in the muscle and tears in the rotator cuff are common. This can leave significant pain and weakness in the shoulder. Often these tears do not heal on their own and because the shoulder is a part of our body we rely on to form most of our daily tasks, rotator cuff tears can be very frustrating injury to live with. As we age, the local stem cells that would normally heal a Rotator cuff tear do not work as well as they should. In addition poor blood supply can make tissues more fragile. Because of these factors there are 40,000 rotator cuff surgeries done each year.

Minimally Invasive Treatment

More than half of patients that undergo shoulder surgery never recover after wards. The good news for those suffering from a rotator cuff injury, Bonzai Regen can can utilize the patients own stem cells to help repair rotator cuff tears using a minimally invasive and ultrasound guided injection precisely to the coronaries of the muscle and tendon.

PRP results

The results reflect that more than 70% of patients that underwent regenerative therapy such as PRP, noted an improvement of 70% or more. In our clinical experience, Bonzai Patients benefit from a quicker recovery and could get back to doing the things they love faster than others who undergo traditional surgery.

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