Say bye to back pain after steroid injection

Epidural Steroid Injection

Numb Pain

Spinal degeneration

Spinal Degeneration is the gradual loss of structure and function of the spine. This condition can be very painful. The Lumbar Transforaminal Epidural Steroid Injection is a simple procedure to treat lower back pain. The Inject with a small needle through the skin, right next to the lower back nerve. the Transforaminal area is the most favored area to inject.

Steroid injection

The needle goes deep enough so the steroid can bath the nerve. But not too deep that will cause irritation of the nerve. The nerve pain is usually caused by a disc herniation chemical spill at the Transforaminal leave. The steroid medication help mop up or decrease the inflammation caused by this spill.

Epidural steroid injection procedure

Epidural is a multi-step process procedure. After the skin is cleansed, an X-ray guidance is used to make sure the needle is placed in the proper location of the irritated nerve. Transforaminal approach is when the needle is placed through the skin, the muscles, and the fascia, then placed just outside of the facet joint . The steroid medication is then delivered on into the nerve.


It’s important to acknowledge that there are certain risks with doing the steroid injection procedure. If a doctor hasn’t already mentioned, make sure to get off all blood thinners and anti-inflammatory agents. Preventive precaution of excess bleeding if a blood vessel is pierced.

Steroid injections for Diabetics

Steroid medications for diabetics can cause a significant flare up of blood sugars, that may conjure some form of diabetic crises. Understand at times, that even though it is not the intention of the procedure, flare ups or pain can occur by the procedure itself.


With time, the steroids will decrease the inflammation on the nerve and there will be less leg or back pain. The epidural injection is a very effective means to manage leg pain caused by nerve irritation. It is estimated that 85% of time people feel better with the epidural steroid injection. It does Not work for everybody but when it works it definitely helps to get better faster. Learn more about the how to prepare for the procedure in FAQ page.

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