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Pain specialists for Neck, Back and Knee Conditions

We help diagnose, treat & manage Chronic pain.

The physicians at Arizona Pain Relief Center and Sports medicine located in the city of Mesa are dedicated to providing exceptional pain management care. Our Interventional pain specialists offer a variety of non-surgical treatments for lower back and knee pain. Every patient is unique and our services are tailored to treat each patient on a case by case basis. Dr. Derian and his staff have treated many different athletic injuries, degenerative diseases and other physical pain conditions throughout the years. Our pain relief specialists have many years of experience in helping to reduce, minimize, and eliminate chronic pain with a non-invasive natural approach. Upon gathering medical records, we strive to understand each patient’s needs to manage and treat the pain.

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Mesa, AZ. 85212

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Now accepting tele- medicine consultations

Dr Armen Derian has the expertise to treat your pain and give you the best in-at home care. With our telemedicine and concierge services, you can get the care you need, when and where you need it.

Telemedicine consultations can include:
✓ patient education
✓ emergency consultative services
✓ follow up appointments
✓ home visits when needed  

Payment and Insurance Accepted

Arizona Pain Relief Center accepts most HMO, PPO and Medicare insurance plans. Additionally, we accepts cash pay patients. Bonzai Regen Pain Relief accepts Care Credit.

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Arizona’s Trusted Pain Physicians

Dr. Derian is Double Board-Certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation, sports medicine, and interventional pain medicine. He is licensed to practice in California, Arizona, & Florida and is the current medical director for Arizona Pain Relief Center and Sports Medicine in Mesa, Arizona. He provides effective, state-of-the-art pain management techniques from multiple disciplines. Dr. Derian works with a multidisciplinary team that provides periodic evaluations of significant patient progress toward functional living and lifestyle goals.

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